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In accordance with Executive Order 202.7, New York Notary Publics' are now able to officiate documents remotely.  Notaryii is here to offer secure remote online notary services. Our notaries are background screened and covered by Errors and Omissions insurance policy for your protection and peace of mind. Our system is simple and uses unique standard-based digital signatures that protect the document from tampering.  We also use a knowledge-based authentication to positively verify and secure the identity of the signers.  

We are experienced with many types of notarizations. From loan documents including mortgage documents, refinance, reverse mortgages,  to structured settlements, HELOC's and more. We specialize in affidavits, Power of Attorney, I-9 forms, wills, living trust, healthcare proxies, medical consent forms, medical directives, deeds, deeds of trust, divorces, minor consent to travel, temporary custody agreements, divorce documents and pre-marital agreements and many more documents.

how to get started

Our Notaryii team will help you get your documents notarized in four simple steps.


  1.  Upload your document:  You can use your computer, Android or iPhone. You can also email your document or send it through a cloud storage platform.

  2. Verify Your Identity:  We use a patent-pending forensic analysis to verify government issued photo IDs and passports. Take a picture of your government issued ID, answer a few questions, and Notaryii will confirm your identity in seconds.

  3. Connect with a Live Notary Public: Connect with a licensed eNotaryii public over live video to witness the execution of your document. Our Notary Public will confirm your identity, witness your signature and add their stamp and seal to complete the process.

  4. Secure and Safe Storage: We will send you the finalized document for you to store and save in case you need it in the future.  

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